Tomaii reflex silver Shampoo

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for grey & white hair

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Description: Mild shampoo with plant oils. Gently cleanses the scalp and hair and prevents the unattractive yellow tinge often found in white and grey hair. Gives the hair a discreet silver tint.

Use: Cleansing with specific efficacy.

Hair type: Grey and white hair

Ingredients and Properties:

Disodium laureth sulphosuccinate (CTFA Dictionary): Special tenside combination for hair which has lost its pigment; does not irritate the scalp.

Dye complex (dye EC approved): This dye complex consists of the colours red, blue and violet. The functional mechanism is highly complex. After shampooing, yellowish hairs appear to the human eye to be “white” to slightly bluish but do not have a marked blue tinge.

pH value: 5,5 non-alkaline.

Ionicity: Anionic.

Colour: Deep blu-violet colour.

Preservative: Low levels of chloracetamide preservative.

Instructions for use: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply undiluted shampoo and massage into a lather. Rinse well and use a generous quantity of shampoo with only a little water for the second wash; leave lather for 5 minutes before rinsing.