Trybol Ltd. – The company

Trybol Ltd. has been founded in Switzerland in 1900 and continues to operate as an independent company today, developing, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of top quality beauty and health care products, cosmetics and toiletries for both household and professional use. The company boasts Swiss thoroughness and scrupulous attention to detail among its strengths, combined with avant-garde research in its fully equipped laboratories to ensure that only the very best state-of-the-art products reach its customers in the local and international markets. All the products – are conceived and manufactured on Trybol’s premises and have to conform to the company’s stringent quality control and testing procedures, based on many decades of experience in this demanding, competitive market and a thorough knowledge of consumer requirements.

The products

It would take more space than is available here to give a detailed rundown on everything this prestigious Swiss company produces, but we can single out a few of the leading protagonists. The first of which is the TRYBOL Natural Swiss Mouthcare line, an interesting development from the toothpaste the company introduced around a century ago and which was one of the first products of its kind in the world. This is a range of natural mouthcare products for everyday use, with formulas based on plant extracts. It includes the concentrated Herbal Mouthwash, containing arnica and sage.

Then there’s BALMA-Bran, adult and baby skincare a line of natural, unperfumed specialities based on bran, the valuable outer part of the wheatgerm. It contains soothing camomile to protect against redness, rashes and irritation, and it’s carefully developed formula is designed to offer full protection and nourishment to skins of all types and ages, with smooth, healthy skin guaranteed. The sachets are 100 % natural.

Trybol is the world-wide manufacturer and distributor of the JUDITH JACKSON Aromatherapy Cosmetics Collection of natural health and beauty care products, all based on the purest and most carefully selected, 100 % natural essential oils to stimulate the mind and body and offer a valuable aid in the struggle against those plagues of modern living – stress, fatigue and pollution.

Face and body products for all skin types, all based on a combination of pure, natural ingredients with proven efficacy, are the foundation of the BICOSMETIC Natural Swiss Cosmetics line, specially formulated to face up to and deal with clearly defined customer needs. The Bicosmetic range includes a high performance anti-ageing cream, known as Faktor-R. The formula contains Retinol to encourage the formation of elastine and collagen, which in turn prevent the formation of new wrinkles and help reduce existing ones. Products can be found on major airlines in first and business class.

Trybol Ltd. also produces and distributes the TOMAII Hair Care line. For over 70 years, these top quality shampoos, conditioners, styling and brushing lotions, tonics, gels and so on have been distributed to the most discerning Swiss hairdressers. Available in both professional and retail versions, these products cover every conceivable haircare requirement.

The ecology

The ecological approach is fundamental to Trybol’s company philosophy, and the evidence is clearly visible in everything that leaves the factory, from the packaging to the products themselves (non – absolutely non – of which are tested on animals). As far as possible, the company avoids the use of superfluous double or outer packaging material and the original containes of several products, including Balma-Bran Baby Bath liquid, can quickly and easily be refilled in drugstores, pharmacies and health food shops. Trybol Ltd. was the first company in Switzerland selling Trybol toothpaste without outer box and replacing fluorine by natural green tea extract.

Trybol Ltd. stands for:

  • know-how in cosmetics and toiletries over 100 years
  • strict GMP quality control and HACCP management
  • flexible small company
  • 100% swiss manufacturing
  • owner and manager Th. Minder handles the project himselfs
  • available all year around (no holiday closing of the company)
  • know-how in private labelling and contract manufacturing
  • quick, dynamic, reliable, serious service
  • the firma and its employees care about details
  • long terms relationship philosophy
  • excellent marketing knowledge because of own cosmetic brands
  • chief chemist Dr. U. Schaufelberger with the company for over 15 years and experienceof over 40years in cosmetics/toiletries
  • manufacturing all in house, no out sourcing
  • production capacity for small batches (30 kg) as well as big batches (1’750kg)
  • 100 years know-how in manufacturing herbal and natural cosmetics/toiletries
  • POS material and samples charged at cost price