Tomaii Plantmilk Shampoo

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against dandruff

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Description: Anti-dandruff hair-care shampoo. Prevents dandruff while still providing outstanding care for the hair and scalp.

Use: Specific cleansing and care for the scalp and hair with an active anti-dandruff ingredient.

Hair type: All hair types which suffer from dandruff.

Ingredients and Properties:

Sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium cetyl sulphate, laureth-10 (CTFA Dictionary): This special combination of tensides forms the basis of this shampoo.

Anti-dandruff agent, the scalp mixture of special fungicidal undecylenic acid compounds: Combats the micro-organisms found on which create the conditions for the appearance of visible head dandruff. This complex of active ingredients is absorbed by the scalp and has a long-lasting effect.

Panthenol with plant extracts (birch, stinging nettle, horsetail): An important agent for maintaining healthy hair and a healthy scalp. The plant extracts contain, amongst other substances, organic acids which revitalise the scalp.

Modification: Additional 2% bio-sulphuric fluid.

pH value: 5,8 non alkaline

Preservative: Low levels of chloracetamide preservative

Instructions for use: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply undiluted shampoo and gently massage into a lather. Rinse and repeat.