Tomaii herbal hair-treatment-mask

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Includes 7.7% MwSt.

for damaged hair

volume: 500 ml

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Description: High-quality, viscous emulsion for intensive hair and scalp care treatment.

Use: 1 – 2 times per week for intensive hair and scalp care.

Hair type: Damaged hair which is in particular need of care

Ingredients and Properties:

Mixture of selected quaternary ammonium compounds in a special emulsion form: This emulsion is absorbed directly and easily into the hair. Considerable improvement in ease of combing, grip, shine and volume.

Wheat bran extract: Cares for and regenerates the scalp and maintains suppleness. Prevents the hairs from splitting.

Vitamin complex (panthenol, nicotyl amide): Essential substances for the hair structure and for maintaining healthy hair. Panthenol is also considered to be an “anti-greying” agent.

Protein concentrate: Important amino acids for the scalp and hair.

Preservative: Dragocid forte

pH value: 4,8

Emulsion: Highly viscous, cationic special emulsion

Instructions for use: After washing hair, massage cream into hair, cover with a towel or a plastic cap and leave for 10 minutes to take effect. Rinse out thoroughly.