Jobra Herbal Shampoo

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Description: Mild herbal shampoo with multiple, intensive-care effects for all hair types. Prevents the hair from becoming greasy again too quickly and combats mild cases of dandruff.

Use: For greasy hair which has a tendency towards dandruff.

Hair type: Greasy hair, mild dandruff.

Ingredients: Properties:

Sodium lauryl sulphate, TEA laureth sulphate (CTFA Dictionary): A tenside combination which cleanses without irritating the sebaceous glands.

Plant extracts (stinging nettle leaves, burdock root, dove’s foot, coltsfoot): This medicinal herb complex regulates the sebaceous glands and helps to prevent the hair from becoming greasy.

Panthenol: Panthenol belongs to the Vitamin B complex, nicotyl amide prevents the keratinisation of the scalp and both are important factors in maintaining healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

Preservative: Low levels of chloracetamide preservative

Colour: Coloured with chlorophyll (leaf green).

Instructions for use: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply undiluted shampoo and massage into a lather. Rinse and repeat.

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