Balma Natural Baby-Bath sachets

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Volume: 25 x 20 g

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Adult bath, 100% natural BAL1310

Baby bath BAL1311

Lady’s complexion care BAL1312

Description: Extra mild shampoo for gentle hair washing. Suitable for daily use. Does not sting when it comes into contact with the eyes.

How to use: Wet hair with warm water. Apply shampoo and massage into a lather. Rinse and repeat.

Ingredients: Effect:

Bran consists of the valuable outer Bran’s beneficial effect on the skin has been part of wheat: known for centuries.

Balma Bran is obtained and prepared according to a special procedure which ensures that the pure, natural vitamines in the bran, so important for the skin, are retained in a particularly concentrated form.

Each sachet provides a wonderful, gentle and natural way to protect skin.

Balma Bran makes the water milky and soft, cleans and protects delicate and sensitive skin gently from soreness and rashes.

How to use: Just squeeze a sachet in lukewarm water and use it like a sponge. Sachets are available in three seizes, baby bath, adult and lady’s complexion care. Sachets can be used once only.

Balma-Bran Baby-Bath is manufactured without animal testing.

Article number Trybol Ltd: Natural Bath for adultes, 18 x 35 g, BAL1310

Natural Baby-Bath sachets, 25 x 20 g, BAL1311

Lady’s Complexion Care, 40 x 12 g, BAL1312