Tomaii Hairfit Structure revitalizer

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intensive care

Volume: 200 ml

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Description: Structure revitaliser which gives the hair vitality, volume and shine. Provides particular care for the scalp and the tips of the hair.

Use: Hair care for use after washing hair. As a structurant before and after a perm.

Hair type: All hair types, especially for permed or coloured hair or for hair which is in particular need of care.

Ingredients and Properties:

Protein concentrate: Important constituents (13 amino acids) for the structure of the hair and for maintaining a healthy scalp.

Organic acids: Organic acids “seal” the hair, giving it greater shine. The scalp’s acidic coating is reactivated.

Light copolymer resin: Anchors the aforementioned ingredients in the hair.

Sun protection: Filters out UV rays (Factor 4).

pH value: 3,6

Preservative: None

Packaging: Pump spray

Instructions for use: Wash hair, lightly towel dry and liberally apply revitaliser to hair. Comb through. Do not rinse out.