Tomaii Shine Gel

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Includes 7.7% MwSt.

Volume: 100 ml

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Description: Very thick gel with strong fixing power. The product is alcohol-free.

Use: Styling aid which gives the hair strong hold.

Hair type: All hair types.

Ingredients and Properties:

Carbopol: Carbopol forms the so-called carrier mesh for the copolymer resins.

Copolymer resins: These resins have a neutral effect on the hair. The hairstyle is “stiffened” enormously.

This strong film can be easily washed out.

pH value: 7,0

Ionicity: Cationic

Colour: red

Instructions for use: Distribute evenly and shape or style hair. Is also suitable for the strand technique.

Trybol Ltd. article number: TOM4823/4825